Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Not Writing HERE Because I'm Writing THERE...

In fairness to me, I've not been neglectful in recounting my gaming adventures, I've just been sharing them with the fine folks at grogheads.com.

Here, for example, is the interview I did with VentoNuovo games for its Bloody Monday KickStarter.


People did not understand the difficulty I was going to have when I gave up purchasing or ordering new games for Lent.  Now perhaps they understand.  On the other hand, let it be noted that the KS doesn't end until the day after Easter.

And here's my latest interview with the fellow who invented by favorite game by a living author -- Dr. Didier Rouy, author of The Flight of the Eagle.


Both have interesting things to say, but I particularly enjoyed Dr. Rouy's for his introspection on a career not only in gaming but in medicine.  He said so much, in fact, that the article wound up being broken in two.

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